Who is Al?

Food brings people together.  Well, I like to have food when people get together.  I like to get together and eat food. Food is good for get-togethers.  There is a whole set of opinions on breaking bread and socializing and at the end of the day, I find myself talking about food more often than not.  One my friends from the gym sent me a text message to inform me a new food store in town sells Taylor Ham by the slice.  Her husband thought it was weird that she would feel compelled to share that with me.  Little did he know that I was totally enthused that said store sells bacon by the slice (because I only ever need a slice or two) and it is an even bigger bonus to buy Taylor Ham by the slice rather in mass quantity.  Food brings my friends together and brings my family together.  My parents raised a bunch of foodies.  The kind of foodies that will try most things (I won’t eat nervous tissue or weird meats) and like to perfect the things they make.  The kind of foodies that share pictures of what they eat and send food as gifts because ‘you have to try the bacon of the month club.’  For what purpose does one share pictures of food?  I have no idea.  My brother emailed me about Al Pastor tonight and Al Gringo.  Neither are a man named AL but types of tacos.  Who doesn’t like a good taco?  Tacos must bring people together.  I love tacos.  My favorite place to buy a taco is in Irvine, CA – Baja Fish Tacos.  I used to travel there often for work and would stop at the taco stand and get tacos to take to the airport.  Chicken so as to not stink up a public space and once in awhile TSA would abscond with my guacamole (because it might be explosive?). There were often envious passengers sitting around me as I dined on my tacos and they ate blue potato chips. Plan your food, I say.   I am sure most people like tacos and if not, well, I am sorry.   Read here for some Al Pastor or Al Gringo or just Gringo.


Thank you for reading this blog (both blogs, actually).


  1. The Page of Aquarius says:

    Look over your shoulder.

  2. yum. There are the most fantastic fish tacos (with lettuce wrap-shell!!) in Grand Cayman at the Sunshine Grill. ( mu husband and I sort of went there three times during our one-week honeymoon stay.) Oh, and they make a ridiculous fresh margarita as well!! It completely justifies a return trip to the cayman islands…just for this place alone. 🙂

    • The Page of Aquarius says:

      The whole thing sounds good especially since winter won’t leave us alone 🙂 Thank you for reading!!

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