Just Wait

Like it or not, things happen for a reason.  When you think you have all the answers, things can just turn around and surprise you.  I do have a habit of  jumping to my own conclusions here and there.  I can say I have been guilty of making assumptions to try to figure something out and drawing conclusions based on observation or partial information.

I like to have the answers to things even when I may be lacking detail or information.  It is far too easy to add my own pieces to a puzzle to create a full picture.  This ‘technique’ only leads to a puzzle full of odd holes and spaces and wrong assumptions.  It is sort of like drawing a map and then being blind folded half way through. The user of the map will likely end up lost since the path will only partially serve its purpose. There are times when my intuition helps me and instances when I ignore my intuition and results are usually varied.  It would behoove me to listen to my intuition as often as possible as it is a good internal map whatever the path I take in life.  I had two instances this week when I decided to listen to my intuition and the outcome was to my advantage.  I have two instances a few weeks back when I said, ‘this is my desired outcome’ and oddly, the outcome just recently played out just as I had hoped. I have one instance in which I ignored my intuition and about 6 hours later thought to myself, “I should have listened…”  I definitely had an AH HA moment.

My lessons are repeating themselves or maybe evolving.  Okay, repeating.  It is necessary to be patient even when it feels impossible to exercise patience.  Answers will come forward.  Information will surface.  Clarity will present itself.  The timeline may be short or long and it is likely outside reasonable control.  Sometimes it is better to sit back and observe instead of drawing conclusions.  Sometimes it is better to wait something out when waiting feels like the right thing to do, even if waiting is really tough to do.  Sometimes trying to figure out everything on your own is the wrong way and letting things come to fruition is the better way. Sometimes trusting your instincts is the only clear path to figuring out the answers you seek.



Trust In What You Know

Inspiration comes in funny ways.  New ideas come to mind at the most random times.  I was working out on Sunday morning and it was a painful workout. I was tired and wanted coffee.  My favorite protein pancakes and an iced latte were on the menu once I got myself out of the gym so I had my inspiration.  Whatever it takes! Sometimes self motivation is simply not enough to get me through my workout!  Pancakes. Coffee. Pancakes. Coffee. Pancakes.  This is what was on my mind as I did mountain climbers and push ups and all of the things in my Sunday morning workout .  While going through my circuits, I started to think about more than just pancakes.  I started to think through various things I have been researching (like protein pancakes) and came up with a new blog idea during tricep dips.  The idea stuck with me so I started to really think it through.  On Sunday night, I sent my idea to my sounding board, aka my brother, and now it is a work in progress.

I am learning to let ideas flourish because it is better let creativity wander than discount an idea as silly or unimportant.  It is a lesson for me.   I have a tendency to think for a long time before doing some things.  Too much thinking opens the door for self doubt.  This causes me to minimize ideas when I find myself with something that takes me outside my comfort zone.  In this case, I came up with my idea and started to work on it that night.  Progress!  I took my inspiration and started to let my brain do its thing in a productive manner.  Some times it is better to work on the What and worry less about the How and trust in what you know.

When Something Flies Out of Left Field…

Have you ever had one of those experiences that makes you think, “if someone told me last week, this would have happened today, I never would have believed it!”  The last 5 days have been that way for me and it makes me believe in the adage “things happen for a reason”.  When I told one of my closest friends about a series of events this week, she said, “This is a hilarious yet very good lesson for you.  I look forward to how this all unfolds.”

I used to try to find answers for the things that seem out of left field and I am learning to stop asking questions.  There are times when it is better to let things happen and be aware of yourself instead of trying to figure out the reason an event has transpired. This was an out of left field kind of week as I crossed paths with someone I only knew of about 10 years ago.  When we crossed paths again, I was kind of perplexed because I had not given any thought to this person….ever.  Yet, he acted as if we had always known each other and he had been wondering about me for sometime.   I figured it was futile to ask how that is possible. My sense is there is a reason this person has entered my life and it is for me to accept or walk away from, rather than question.  It is always interesting to me when I meet someone I barely know (if at all) and there is an immediate connection. I am somewhat selective about my interpersonal relationships and it gives me reason to pause when I meet someone and feel at ease right away or sense things about someone with little information.

I think about divine timing, divine intervention and the things we are unable to see with the human eye.  A series of events can happen that seem coincidental; though there may be a divine plan for all of us. Karma and free will and choice play a role every day; however, I do feel sometimes in spite of beliefs, thought processes, choices, and divine timing take over.  If it was meant to happen, regardless of what you do, it will be placed in front of you or will come out of left field and how to proceed is up to you.  If you ignore the something it may go away forever or the something may be repeated till you address what needs to be addressed.  You can run but you cannot hide and resistance is futile.

For me, I am waiting to see what is next. I continue to do what I enjoy and what makes me happy.  Though when something comes out of left field, I am going to hitch a ride and see where it takes me.