It’s Poetic

Sometimes when I think about something, I notice things around me that relate to my thoughts.   I suppose it is as if when something is on my mind, the answers present themselves in unusual ways.  Tonight I was pondering what to do with my life as I often do and was thinking about the obstacles we all create for ourselves in one way or another.  I had a college professor who advised me to declare the major of interest to me when we were discussing my course of study.  I conveyed my fear of two classes others told me were impossible to pass.  My professor suggested if my fear of two classes were to stop me from declaring my major, then I would likely have regrets later on in life.  I passed the two classes with A’s and can say, even after all these years, I am happy I removed the obstacles I had created for myself in that situation.

One of my biggest learnings from that professor is my understanding of fear.  I have always felt fear stops us and is what makes us create obstacles for ourselves.  It can be paralyzing, distracting, confusing, and misleading.  While I was pondering this evening, I came across a TED Talk about overcoming fears (among other things) which I will write about later and a quote from E.E. Cummings (his full name Edward Estlin Cummings, I never knew). “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E.E. Cummings.  For some reason this quote just bounced all around my brain like in a pinball machine (bing).  It made me think of people I know and myself and what it takes to change or why a person would find it difficult to change and why (bing).   I thought it can be pretty scary to leave things behind (bing), change things about yourself (bing), or do something unfamiliar (bing).  Leaving your comfort zone takes courage because it can be uncomfortable (bing bing bing).   It also reminded me of this post I recently wrote and as change occurs, it is good to have the right people around you.  It also reminded me of the blue dragon fly I saw today.  It landed near my foot while I was outside an office building talking to a colleague.  I found it to be an unusual location for a dragon fly and actually researched the symbolism of a dragon fly because it seemed odd to see such a critter where I did.  Dragon flies represent the symbolic meaning of transformation, change, and adaptability.  Things happen for a reason, you meet people for a reason, sometimes you read things for a reason….you catch my drift.

Put Your Feet Up

Have you ever tried to make things happen and feel you are repeatedly stymied?  Sometimes I wonder if what stymies me is amount of thinking I do.  Is this right?  What am I missing? Maybe Tuesday would be a better day?  Sometimes I wonder if the Universe puts the skids on things.  What do I mean by the Univese? I mean the unseen force that makes things happen for a reason and force me to follow specific steps versus taking my own rogue approach.  I have found trying to force something to happen is an exercise in futility.  If things do not happen as planned, redirect your energy towards something else.

I went to a psychic about 5 years ago.  Mrs G was a tough a nails, kind soul with a gift that some would describe as malarkey; however those that knew her will say there was no one like her.  One thing Mrs G. said that stands out in my mind is, ‘Oh honey, you’re just going to have to sit back and let the Universe do its thing.   You have no control over some things in your life so just sit back’  Sit back and what?  It sounded crazy to me at the time.   I rarely sit back and do nothing as I control my destiny…don’t I?  I dug my heels in after I left Mrs G’s house and was insistent on being at the helm of what happens in my life.   I was unfamiliar with the concept of running into road blocks and being diverted off my course.  I am always on the go and always see things through to completion

Fast forward 5 years and I have to say, I have changed my point of view over the years.  I do not live by what Mrs G. says, however, I believe there was a in lesson for me in her words.  There are times when free will, other people, health,life (whatever the variable) throw you off course.   The unexpected happens, timing can be off, or plans change and thus it becomes necessary to zig and zag and redirect focus, path, or energy in  a new way.

Though this may be trivial, I had a goal at the beginning of 2013 to be able to do unassisted pull ups in my crossfit sessions.  I was well on my way to building the strength and endurance till 2 weeks into January when I came down with the flu.  Derailed. Shortly after shaking the flu, a stomach virus put me to bed for several days. Derailed again. I recuperated and returned to the gym ready to conquer the pull up bar…till another stomach virus took me out.  By the time this round of illness struck, it seemed laughable to me.

I did not let the 2013 Germ Party keep me down.  I returned to the gym ready to go and was making good progress; till the fateful night when flipping tires was on the crossfit agenda.  I managed to throw my pelvis out of whack flipping a tire.  I went to the doctor about a week later, was diagnosed with a twisted pelvis and an inflamed sacroiliac joint (Google it) and directed to go to a physical therapist ASAP. MAN DOWN!  I was in such pain I could not lie down, sit down or put my shoes on.  Do you know how big a role your pelvis plays in your daily routine?  I was unaware, quite frankly. The physical therapist took one look at me and said, ‘I know your type. You’re going to try to go workout in this condition the minute you feel better.’  I had met my match as that is exactly what I would do and without a lot of detail, I did try to workout and it was so painful, it was unbearable.  I was forced to sit back and allow myself to heal – no crossfit, no yoga, nothing strenuous.  I was permitted to walk my dog (maybe a mile or 2, not 10 miles, I was told) and some upper body weights and that was all for about 6 weeks.  I acquiesced and went to physical therapy and followed the protocol.  I was stubbornly aware resting would get me back to the gym faster than trying to force myself to feel better.

Why did I just share my 2013 medical history?  Lessons.  I have to believe my body needed rest and I was oblivious.  I needed to sit back and just let things happen around me (like healing), instead of trying force myself back into a normal routine.   It was as if my body said, ‘Ok you won’t take a hint with a stomach virus, so you’re going to be forced to stop.’  I had to slow down considerably and start listening to my body to get back into a routine….slowly. Slowing down taught me many things.  I learned to appreciate having free time after work instead of going to the gym.  I learned to look forward to my morning and evening walks with my dog as those are quite peaceful times of day.  I took the time to cook healthier meals. I slowed down and found new appreciation for things in my life that I may have taken for granted.

I feel there are times when we all need to change the pace of our days.  Daily life can be chaotic.  I know I get wound up and stressed out without an awareness of the toll it is taking on my health and body.  Maybe it was Universe telling me to focus on myself for awhile. Maybe my immune system needed to be recharged.  Whatever it was, I still think of Mrs G. telling me to sit back as that was exactly what i did for about 4 months.  I sat back and just took it easy instead of trying to force the issue.