What Inspired Me

“You should blog about that” was something my brother said to me many times and he showed me how to access WordPress and eventually I just started writing.  I have an adviser who gave me this feedback: “Stop worrying about whether it is a perfect blog and just do it” so when I have something on my mind, I sit down with my laptop and type away….and that is basically how I got started.  There are times when topics flow easily and other times when the words come forth more slowly so I close up shop and start up again the next day.  I usually write late at night and may have imperfect sentence structure or the occasional typo at time (that is my disclaimer).  I believe we all have something to offer as we all have a unique point of view and it is amazing what we can learn from each other.  I am a fitness enthusiast, cookie aficionado, foodie, animal lover, spiritual eclectic, knowledge seeker,  social media advisor, beach and blue sky fan and a blogger.  When inspiration strikes, I start writing.  Thank you for reading this blog.  It is lovely a compliment.  ~ Alexis