Mercury is to Blame

I have been averse to writing on my blog for nearly the entire month of June.  There is no logical explanation that I am able to drum up.  Just utter lack of inspiration and apathy for some unknown reason. At first I thought it was writer’s block and then I realized, I just did not have it in me.  I have been blaming everything on the fact that Mercury is in retrograde since I have been unable to come up with a better explanation. This phenomenon supposedly sets many things in reverse and a lot of things have been out of whack for me.

I recently took my car into the shop for an oil change and a major transmission repair was revealed.  My car is 2 years old so that is really awesome (warranties for the win).  At the same time, my horoscope indicated an upcoming trip would probably get cancelled or have some major delays and to stay home. Who lives by their horoscope?  I left my car at the shop and took a road trip that weekend to visit my nephew with my Mom’s car.  Flat tire on the way home, 2 ½ hours from home – on a highway, with a car full of a stuff, and a large canine in tow. My father taught me how to change tires, however, none of my lessons involved also handling a large dog while working with a tire iron. Hooray for mobile phones, roadside assistance, and thank heavens it was neither raining or Sunday.  My 4 hour drive home resulted in a visit to a tire place, a return trip the tire place and 8 hours total to get myself, a car full of stuff and a large canine home.  Alrighty then.

In seeking the service of others, weeks have gone by with or without responses of any great help.  I am trying to buy something from you, please response to my email?  I have also found myself educating some coworkers on how to better communicate with clients (what?). Not rocket science but ok, I am happy to help?  I am hoping July will bring improved responsiveness and better communication across the board.

Today my garage door started opening and closing on its own.  I was in my house and wondered why my neighbor kept opening and closing her garage door.  When I went to my garage, it was, in fact, my Poltergeist Powered garage door opener hard at work.  I employed my garage door skills and tried to fix the matter myself and finally just unplugged the opener and gave up.  Though I did learn how to reprogram my key pad and door openers, I decided I need a professional.  According to what I have read online the motor in my Liftmaster is likely toast.  Good times.  And finally we may have a tropical storm just in time for the July 4th weekend.  Sweet.  That said, it could be worse.  Nothing horrible is happening in my life, in fact, there are many good things happening.  Technology and machinery are just giving me a headache.  I am reticent to type that because I do not want my laptop to stage any type of revolt.

On that note, here is something fun and light – a commercial starring lion cubs by GoPro. I find it amusing because 1.  I would like to put GoPro cameras on the heads of my nephews 2. Meeting a large cat in person is one of the things on my life To Do list.  C lick here: GoPro Lion Roar Commercial you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading this blog!

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