My Ode to Summer

Oh summer, how I will miss thee.  Labor Day is here and all weekend I have been hearing about the horrible winter we are going to have again in a few short months.  I gave it some thought and there are other reasons I am sorry to see summer go.

My morning commute is always better in the summertime.  Traffic is greatly reduced and I never have to race out of the house to avoid school bus entrapment in my neighborhood.  I love those days when the roads are free and easy to travel.

Bright sunshine in the early morning and long into the evening is one of my favorite things.  That summer perk has been slowly creeping away and I am not sure I will ever embrace dark as night mornings before work and dark as night skies at 4:30pm.  Blech.

Summer means my latte has a straw.  I am less likely to spill an iced latte than a hot latte.  I just have a knack.  Thus, soon I will be returning to wearing my latte on my blouse or trying to clean it off my dashboard at red lights.  Good times.

My opportunities to eat breakfast and dinner on my porch will soon be limited.  For some reason, I find eating outside to be really liberating. There is something really nice about sitting outside while I drink my iced latte in the morning.  I spend my work hours in an office building, in my house, and in my car so to be able to enjoy my meals leisurely and with fresh air is a treat.

The beaches and other vacation destinations are full in the summertime.  Why do I love a full beach?  The crowds are less likely to be congregating where I want to go.  New York City has a calm energy and a happy vibe on the weekends in the summertime.  I find it a delightful place to spend my free time.  The only people around are true New Yorkers in the neighborhoods I like and driving in and out is a piece of cake.  Also, my park is empty.  I have a park near my house that is perfect for walking my dog.  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the park is quiet and only a small number of people spend time there.  Today the crowds returned to my park.  I guess they could not spend Labor Day at the shore or wherever they normally go.  Boo.  I will get my park back when the weather gets cold.  I go all year round and save for good sledding days, it is a serene place in the middle of winter (and at the same time will be wishing for a warm beach day!)

Farm stands are the best.  I love the fresh foods at farm stands and what I can make with the foods I find.  I always have this melancholy feeling sometime in October when the only place to buy food is the grocery store.  I get bored of the produce section repetition.  I have been hoarding peaches for the last few weeks and found figs at the farm stand today so need to get creative and do something with those.

Bulk reduction. I have to remind myself of what I wear in cold weather.  I like to conveniently forget my winter attire.  The simplicity of shorts and t-shirts dissipates with coats, clunky shoes, and layers.  There is something nice about brisk autumn nights and layering it on, I do admit.  On the other hand, who does not feel free when they get to shed a heavy coat, wool socks and boots and walk around shoeless without a frozen toe?

From my point of view, there are so many good things about summer, I prefer to just hold onto whatever I can till I am forced to turn the heat on in my house.  I will think about winter and frigid weather when it shows up on my front door.  In the meantime, I am going to worry less about what is to come and keep enjoying what is still here.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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