Self-Doubt Chirping

Working past self doubt is a challenge.  I have this plan for a new blog.  I will be running two, actually.  You are reading my skirt and high heels blog (in need of a make over).  My new blog will be my running shoes and kick up my feet blog.  I am working on a plan to invest money into the appearance and the design of both of my creations versus my usual method of throw the spaghetti up on the wall.  I guess it could be called an investment in my future in spite of the little voice in my head saying, “the future of what?”  Thank you Self-Doubt for chiming in and trying to squish my idea, is all I have to say about that.  This is one of those things that came to me and I felt like running with it; yet Self-Doubt chirps away.

Someone recently observed I fear things and I probably have no idea what it is I am afraid of.  I found that to be a fair assessment as the unknown is a source of fear for me and something about the unknown rattles my confidence.  I have no idea what the unknown holds and that is my own obstacle.  Who cares what the unknown holds?  I am reminding myself to shape the unknown as I want it to be and to allow changes and shifts as things reveal themselves.  I have to remind myself to just take a little leap of faith every now and then, as there is really nothing to lose in pursuing an idea.   I need to focus on what I want to do now and how I want the “now” to unfold.  Self-Doubt needs a mute button.

Taking an idea and allowing it to come to fruition can be a revealing way to let others see your point of view or perspective and to hear your voice (literally or figuratively).  You may learn something new about yourself and others may learn something new about you.  In my case, Self-Doubt can be an annoyance and an idea stopper.   Self-Doubt feeds fear…or does fear feed Self-Doubt?  Chicken or the egg?  Needless to say, the combination can be the source of self imposed obstacles that can stop creativity or progress in its tracks, if allowed.  I suppose it is  natural to hear the chirping of Self-Doubt in any venture or process and it is a lesson in will, I think.  Mute Self-Doubt and carry on.

Tune In and See For Yourself

How many times have you ignored your instincts?  You know the little voice that tells you something and you dismiss it.  The gut feeling that says yes; or it says no and you do the opposite.  How many times have you pretended to hear nothing, only to find had you listened, your day would have gone much differently?  For me, it always results in a learning experience.

I have been trying to “listen” better which means when that little voice is chirping, I try to follow it.  This morning, I ignored the chirping and sure enough, my day turned into a circus as a result of one fleeting moment.  It was a “so this is happening” kind of day and then “how do I get out this awkward situation” set in.  There are days when I listen and there are days when I say, “nahhhhh”.  I need less of the latter and more of the former.  Admittedly, I am getting much better at tuning in and listening, however, everything can always be improved!

Although my day was quite a circus, I was reminded of my ability to tap dance and just totally wing it.  It comes in very handy when things go off the rails as I always manage to surprise myself.  Come up with an impromptu plan “B” and see what happens and just go with the flow.  You have to be able to do it in life and plow ahead. And in these moments, I just tell the truth and see what happens. A level head and honesty takes a person far in life, in my opinion.

How many times have you said ‘My gut was telling me…’ and you either listened or made another choice?