The Page of Aquarius Redesign

Thanks to the creative services of  Jenny, owner of PBJ Designs. my blog has a new look!  Since I started my blog, I wanted to give it a little more style.  I found Jenny’s information on another site she designed and decided to reach out to her.  I started this blog on a whim and as I begin to write more often, I decided it was time to change it up.

I gave no thought to what I know or did not know about redesigning my blog.  I was probably half way through the process when I realized I had jumped into the project without a clue as to what I needed…and then I carried on and figured it out as I went with Jenny’s help.  I  shared my vision and my sources of inspiration and Jenny produced ideas and suggestions to get us to the final result.  Jenny has been  responsive, patient, and helpful.  She took my literal ideas and translated them into creative ideas.

Aquarius is a water sign and I wanted to incorporate waves into the header or the design.  I looked for pictures to use for the design and found nothing that aligned with my ideas.  When I think of waves, I see the beach and a photograph of waves did not fit what I had in mind.  Jenny did a little research and sent me abstract images of waves and we were rolling.  I loved the abstract approach because it was so different than what I had originally envisioned.   We tried several different abstract images of waves and we decided on what you see at the top of the screen after many email messages back and forth.

The original image was very bright and colorful so I actually passed on it, though I really liked it the best of all the possibilities.   I wanted to keep the aesthetic a little more muted while maintaining a sophisticated color scheme.   After trying a few other images, Jenny decided to change the image you see in my header to grayscale and it was a winner!  I should have gone with it to start yet had not considered the possibilities it presented in spite of the color combination. When something jumps out at you, there is a reason.

Now that this blog design is complete,  I am starting a new project.  It is a brand new project so I have some work to do in the pre-planning phase.  Working on this blog and with Jenny gave me a new perspective on what I need to consider.


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