Remember Your Lessons!

Do you remember your life lessons?  Better yet, can you recognize your life lessons?  Have you ever wondered why the same things keep happening or the same situations repeat time after time?  This, to me, means one needs to face something and admit something to oneself or others, depending on the situation.

Like many people, I have been watching the Oprah-Lance Armstrong interview.  It may go without saying that the downfall of Lance Armstrong is proof that dishonesty will force a person to meet karma in whatever form karma chooses.  The longer one lives in armor of denial or dishonesty, the harder karma bites or kicks.  The speed at which karma will move is also up to karma.

I believe choices are what determine how we experience karma.  I went through a stage of stealing when I was about 7 years old.  At the age of 7, I found a thrill in what I could get away with doing. Can a 7 year old be brazen? I think I stole things to see if I would get caught and out of defiance.  If I could not have it, I would just steal it.  Usually little things.  I was in a store with my Mom and wanted a little pad of paper and a pipe cleaner racoon. I estimate the merchandise tipped the scales at $3.50.  When my mother discovered these items in my possession a few days later, it was hard to deny I had stolen the items.  My mother did what I never expected.  She took me back to the store and made me return the items myself.  The person at the register told me normally the police would be called but I would be allowed off the hook if I promised never to steal again.  I was cured of my brazen stealing streak as I really believed I skirted going to jail that day.  In retrospect, my experience with karma was the humiliation of admitting I stole and the belief that I may have gone to jail based on the choice to I made to steal. It was hardly worth it at age 7 but an interesting lesson to reflect upon at my age now.

In my adult life, I have learned listening to my instincts usually keeps me in good standing with karma and usually keeps me out of unnecessary hot water.  I find the Lance Armstrong story to be quite a shame – millions of people believed in him and now the reality of who he is has been fully revealed; or to an extent.  It is so much easier to be truthful and honest with yourself and with others, though difficult at times.   There is much to gain through honesty and much to lose by choosing to skirt the truth (unless you are asked “Is my baby ugly” – everyone has seen that Seinfeld episode, I think!)

Have you ever met karma?  What lessons did you learn?

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