What Color is Your Hazmat Suit?

Have you ever tried to write a blog entry while sick?  It can be really difficult.  My ambitions of creative thoughts have been stymied by a head cold and Dayquil.  I have been out of commission for several days and my brain has decided it is taking a few sick days.  My brain is clearly smarter than….um me?…because it recognizes I need rest versus my usual non-stop over thinking and processing of everything that comes my way.

In my many days on the couch, there are two things I have discovered:  national news is reporting a flu epidemic and the Food Network has introduced me to the concept of a bacon cheeseburger topped with macaroni and cheese: http://www.bostonburgerco.com/burger12/

Now, in the past, I would have dismissed the flu epidemic information as hype and would have found a way to get the mac and cheese burger (see my Hurricane Sandy post). I have decided to be a little extra vigilant this flu season.  I researched the symptoms and consulted with a friend who is a nurse and am fairly certain I have some unpleasant form of a cold.  I did research preventative flu measures.  The flu shot is an obvious one, however, I have mixed emotions about the flu shot.  I have researched foods and ways to bolster the immune system and have read the obvious in many articles.  Wash your hands and that’s it.  If you sneeze, wash your hands.  If you go to the gym, wash your hands afterwards.  I even washed my hands when I got home from CVS today because how many sick people like me are walking around that store?  I have to guess a LOT of people neglect to wash their hands. Shaking hands often skeeves me out because I have seen the movie Road Trip. Wash your hands.   I may spray anyone who sneezes on me with Lysol too or buy a hazmat suit after watching the news (ok not really).

That’s all I have for now.  Do check out the burger though.

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