What inspires you?  Have you given this consideration as you reflect on 2012 and as you look ahead to 2013?  As I reflected on 2012, I realized many things have changed my perspective on life and where I want to go and what I want to do.  After Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy in Newtown, I found myself thinking maybe the last day of the Mayan calendar had meaning.

I hardly believed the news reports as Hurricane Sandy approached this part of the country. New Jersey rarely bears the brunt of any massive storm and I figured it would be any other rain storm.  To my surprise, I found myself in a state of disbelief as the storm blew out of town as I slowly learned about the devastation and loss incurred by so many, so close to home.

As I studied twitter posts and news articles in the storm’s aftermath, I was awakened to the profound importance of human connection, empathy and compassion.  As I witnessed the utility workers, volunteers, government agencies, fundraisers, and the generosity of so many help us return to some state of normal, I discovered new belief in what we can do for each other.  It is the power of human connection and human spirit that keeps us going when we are unsure if we can do so on our own.  I was wholeheartedly inspired by the kindness and selflessness of others after Hurricane Sandy.  I found myself motivated to do “more” in this world going forward.   It behooves us all to connect with neighbors, friends, strangers  in times of need and simply out of courtesy and kindness. The power of human connection is the fuel for much inspiration when you experience the bond and gratitude shared by reaching out and giving of yourself in whatever way you can.

I took poetic license with my interpretation of the Mayan Prophecy in that perhaps the world did end. The world as we knew it in 2012  has come to an end and as we enter 2013, it is time to re-evaluate point of view and perspective on many things.  The world is ever changing. How will compassion and empathy towards others shift as the world changes?  How will we enhance connection with others as the world evolves?  It starts with the individual and these are things I continue to think about as I look ahead at years to come.

What changed your point of view in 2012 and what did you find to be a source of inspiration?

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